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Ask the Expert | Small Business Owner

Ask the Expert | Small Business Owner

April 25, 2024

This month we are featuring a small business owner located in Unity, NH. Victoria Loring of Mica Mine Floral became the owner and operator of her own business 2.5 years ago.

She currently offers custom floral arrangements, plants, gifts, and a floral delivery service. In an interview with Victoria, she shared valuable information about her business, and answers to frequently asked questions. Read more about her journey as a small business owner in the community below. 

How did you start?

I worked for Linda Perron (Floral Design by Linda), in Claremont, NH until she retired and closed her shop. In the summer of 2021, I started my own business. I bought a small two-door cooler, set up a website, and contacted a wholesale florist in NH. My company has been working solely through the online world and word of mouth from friends, family, and customers! 

What services do you offer?

Custom floral arrangements, gifts, plants, and floral delivery. Hopefully, I will be able to offer more items down the road. 

When should a customer reach out to you? 

My customers never need a reason to contact me; flowers are important for everyday moments. With that said, I am always here for my customers who have loved ones who have passed away and will need funeral arrangements, birthday arrangements, weddings, events, and more. 

What is a common misconception in your field?

It's assumed that our product is always from out of the country and that our prices are high. Another myth is that florists use old, dying, flowers for funerals (never would I do that, and an honest floral designer would not do this!).  I work with many local flower growers in Sullivan County, NH and Springfield, VT, as well as growers in New Jersey, Florida, Rhode Island, and California. I am also working on growing some of my own flowers. 

What is the best advice you would give to your employee? 

Listen to your customer's needs. Do your best to create what they are asking for, and exceed their expectations. Sometimes a little extra is needed in an arrangement.  It's better to go a few dollars over than to stick to a budget with an arrangement that looks like it's missing something. Also, do your best to find your style and showcase that. 

What areas do you currently serve customers?

Most of Sullivan County, NH and a few towns in Cheshire County, NH. Unity is home base! 

Do you suggest that a customer schedules an appointment for your services? 

Appointments are only needed for larger floral needs, where we need to discuss details and time. Most of the time I only meet with customers who have weddings or large memorial service needs. 

What is a fun fact about you?

I love welding for fun, and I enjoy making garden sculptors. It has been a year or so since I have welded, but I hope to get back into it this summer. 

What is your greatest success story? 

I am still working on my success story, but the biggest success I have found these past two years is peace and time. Going out on my own to run a small floral business has actually helped me gain more time to enjoy life and to spend time with my husband and dogs. It has also given me time to help out at Wags & Wiggles, which has become a very important place to me. I feel a lot of peace with the life I have now and I hope to be able to do this for a long time.