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Financial Wellness Month

Financial Wellness Month

January 09, 2024

January is Financial Wellness Month.  Mental, physical, and financial health are all equally important for your successful future.  As we kick off a new year and National Financial Wellness Month, I encourage to take a moment and reflect on last year.  What did you do to make the year a financial success?  What can you do this year to make it better? 

Creating healthy financial habits can seem overwhelming.  However, just like creating any habit, starting small and with minor changes you can build on, success is closer than you might think. 

Set one to three intentions.  Start with a few realistic goals for this year that you can work on slowly.  Setting automatic contributions to savings, Health Savings Accounts and retirement accounts is a great way to start.  Write these down and keep your list in a place you will see on a regular basis.  

Also, don’t forget to schedule check-ins throughout the year – monthly or quarterly – to review how your year is going and see if you need to reset the goals you make.  Having a financial accountability partner can be helpful. Most of us have more success in life when we have someone encouraging us to reach our goals.  Find a friend or financial planner that can help you stay on track and be the cheerleader you need to succeed.

Have a great 2024!